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eli: hi

kevin: the correct term would be “hello” but its okay i still love you we all make mistakes i believe in you eli no one is perfect its whats on the inside that counts brother its alright embrace your imperfections its what makes you you We are the future together we will make a better world with out embraced imperfections i love you so much i believe in you 

eli: lol oops 

You guys do you see my fucking white lines

The breakfast/lunch/yesterday’s dinner of champions tbh

"Pussy put his ass to sleep, now he callin’ me NyQuil"
─ William Shakespeare  (via harryrella)



Reason #112 why I hate the International Kpop fandom at times:

Because there are some fans that are so delusional enough, so absolutely insane enough, and so irresponsible enough to start blaming a victim of domestic assault and saying that she must have done something to provoke it or deserved it, in order to protect their vision of an “absolutely perfect oppa” that could apparently never do wrong or hurt a fly, and that they are the victim instead.

NEWSFLASH: Idols are human. Idols are people that can make mistakes. Idols can do bad things. Really really bad things. And idols can certainly do something so horrific like domestic assault.

Another typical case of “Oppar didn’t mean it”.

Wow not only is this ridiculous but also it’s sexism in action. The natural response of these girls is to defend the abuser and blame the victim "that girl deserved a beating" "she provoked him" Do you hear yourself when you speak? Honestly in today’s world of rampant feminism how the fuck do you get off protecting someone who blantantly beat up a girl. I mean what if that was your best friend he beat up? Would you protect your precious oppa then? What if it were you? Would you lie for him? When your family asked why you’re bruised and crying would you tell them you fell?

Also please do not lump international fans together it’s Korean fans that defend him as well. The point is not whether they are international fans or not it’s the inappropriateness of their defending his abuse that should be the main focus.  


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